About Us

Company Profile

GUCLEN is an expert in over sea constructions since 1989. Both in public and private sector, company has completed infrastructures, boring & driving pile projects, pier, dock, marine, industrial wharf projects and all other marine and submarine constructions with great success.

The company is serving along the sea side of the country with sophisticated floating equipment and tugboats. The qualified and durable constructions are the proof of company's reliability. And with it's gained reputation in the past, will carry it's professional and qualified business to the future.

Largely due to the growth in the world population and the consequent increase in global trade, there is growing demand for marine constructions whether this involves building new harbours or existing ports that need to optimise or expand their capacity.

Our Mission

Since our establishment, the main principles we follow on our company’s projects are robustness, reliability and quality with an innovative and contenporary basis.

Our Vision

GUCLEN Inc.expand its field of activities within the framework the principles of continuous growth, corporate idendity and follow the newest technologies. On development effort of our country, we build structures in high quality and aesthetics. To our belief, nature and structure has to be in harmony with purpose of integration. And to be a pioneer in the construction industry, on both national and international fields,we are aiming to earn reputation with our projects.